Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Girl and Dog, with Color

I posted some sketches way back in April for some drawing challenge (which I did not finish ^^U), and although I no longer want to look at most of them anymore, XD I colored the one which represents two of my favorite book characters: Lirael and the Disreputable Dog, from the second book of the Abhorsen Trilogy, Lirael

Yes, that is supposed to be a dog :D I know Addie Langdon would make a better Snoopy than my dog would make a Disreputable Dog or any dog for that matter, but I think this drawing can represent any girl-and-her-dog combo (sounds like a meal). 

The weather is so lovely like yesterday but my condition is still not so good (>.<) I still have a bad cough and my sore throat is bothersome, but at least I was able to sleep straight last night without any outrageous coughing fits that made me wonder if I will need to start picking up pieces of my esophagus from the floor (okay sorry morbid). Hopefully tonight will be another good night's sleep. I shall now get back to writing and painting before my student arrives for tutorials. Enjoy the rest of your week! (^_^)

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