Monday, November 5, 2012


Sometimes, days after having wolfed down edamame, the edamame haunts me, and it's like my entire system seeks it out XD 

Last Saturday was okonomiyaki night, and now I am haunted by the edamame I had AND the many many many okonomiyaki we wolfed down XD 

One of the many okonomiyaki that filled us up :3

There were only six of us but the okonomiyaki and all the other food orders seemed endless (>.<) After the nice dinner we went to Choto Stop where some of us bought desserts :3 I looked for the coffee jelly I had before but it was not available, so I just rummaged through the other purin and found this lovely thing.

Koirich Pudding

It is pudding with "richer" or "stronger" taste and later on this was also kind of haunting me. (>.<)

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