Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Painting in my Japanese-Themed Scrapbook

A couple of years back (or I think more), I turned a notebook into a scrapbook of selected Japanese finds that I can stick onto paper :D I would use Japanese magazines I came across (I did not really shop for things to put in the scrapbook so it's more of things I am free to cut and put together, so it's Really A Scrapbook), images from promotional flyers, and other bits and pieces of flat and thin items that found their way to me when I was in Japan. Later on, back here, I would get omiyage from Japan from other people or obtain scrapbook material from the purchases I make in local Japanese stores, continuously accumulating more things to put into my scrapbook :3

Eventually though, I wanted to include my own artwork in the pages, so I decided to paint on the spaces in between the pictures. Some pages just had one or two cut-out images so I had more space to paint. 

A spread of some Mark City cut-outs made colorful by watercolor

I had cut-outs from the shopping guide of Mark City, particularly of those items I like, and painted around them. I also had some cut-out images from Tokyo Seijitsu magazine among other things. It's great to have realized that I can paint around the images to make the pages more colorful and lively and fun to look at when I want to browse through my Japanese-themed scrapbook. I won't be publishing all of them online though, probably just selected ones. Anyway the one above is a peek from a spread; I am still feeling my way around painting around cut-outs, but it is surely enjoyable. Now it is more than just looking at my collection of images and scraps! 

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