Monday, November 26, 2012

Saturday, Sunday, and Stones

Saturday night I couldn't sleep so I decided not to fight it and just painted more rocks. Besides, my student was coming the next morning and he had requested for a painted rock last week since he will be celebrating his birthday this week. So I intend to let him pick three that he liked from those I will be able to finish. 

So yesterday he picked the one above with the red and pink flowers, and the Heart Owl from last week.   He said it kind of reminded him of some terra cotta sculptures of pregnant women, which I read somewhere before were used for fertility rites :D 

He only picked two for now, and will pick the third one from the batch I will make this week :3 I also promised to give him a few blank rocks so he can paint on them, and he said he will paint for me too (^_^) 

This morning I woke at like 11 am because I have been feeling a little ill and couldn't even manage to sit up. Thus I kept being sucked back by my many vivid dreams, some amusing and some far from it. Among the latter was one wherein this forgetful boy asked me to join him and some friends for coffee but did so at a time when they already had to leave and I still had things to finish, then I realized later on he did it on purpose so that I won't have to tag along and that he only asked me out of courtesy. Briefly I felt bad in the dream but then I remembered that in "previous occasions" he would somehow conveniently forget about me being there, until I was just always Not Someone He Hangs Out With. And yes, that was still part of the dream. Thin line, I know. *fleets by*

Anyway I started feeling better towards the afternoon, and now I still intend to finish off some things in my To Do list. I still feel a little ill, and I have a bit of a headache because I've been wearing my glasses instead of my contacts since my left eye got irritated last night. So much going on. Tomorrow I will be taking long walks to pay for some bills and to buy some tea bags. I hope the walk and the sun and the air does me good. 

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