Friday, November 30, 2012

Strange Tree Gazer

Grass, flowers, detailed tree. 

And suddenly there is a huge head and we don't know if it just sprung from the earth and what else it is made up of. All I know is that it is there to gaze at the tree. 

Anyway all that happened December of last year (oh it's December tomorrow!), and this week I put color into the Tree Gazer drawing. 

This week seemed to fly by so fast, in a good way. I was able to accomplish so much :3

I am also happy that I seem to have new friends who share my enthusiasm about art and music. One, being a great artist, shares his brilliant ideas and suggestions with me and remembers things we talk about, so now I am even more encouraged to keep trying out new things and to keep doing what I love doing. Another shares my affinity for certain music and bands and will share with me the music of My Bloody Valentine. He was honest enough to tell me he doesn't like lending music XD It's an honesty I quite appreciate though, and I am grateful he offered to give me the music, and in return I will give him that of Asobi Seksu. (oh in fact I am listening to Strings right now omg love). 

So there it is. The strange tree gazer. I realize that so far this year, I have the most number of posts this month :D 

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