Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Lately I have had an unusual appetite and unusual sleepiness. I am hungry almost every hour and when the sleepiness hits me, I practically Lose Consciousness. Strange phase. 

I painted rocks again tonight and it would probably be unusual to find rocks that look like them along the road or in the park or someplace. It reminded me though of a blogger who took tiny rocks from outside her home, painted hearts on them, and then put them back out, amused by the thought that some  random passerby will find a rock with a heart on it and feel happy about it. 

I have not bought a fixative for the painted rocks yet; I will when I have about 15 rocks finished so I can carefully spray over them all in one go. There are so many other art supplies I want to buy but I need to pace my spending. But I am so glad I have this friend who shares all sorts of suggestions to me about what I can do and buy for my art. (^_^)

Last night I had some kind of nightmare but in the end I was saved by Matthew and I've been fixating ever since XD 

The Happy Peach Rocks

Tomorrow is my rest day and I hope it turns out to be as relaxed and restful as last week's. I am most probably painting, among other things. By the way my mom reopened the balcony (it has been kept close for the longest time because of 300 reasons I won't bore you with) and I am looking forward to hanging out there some time (^_^)

PS. Suitors bearing gifts and wanting to sing to me may now take turns in showing off their best when I am out in the balcony. Hahahahahahahaha! XD 

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