Friday, November 16, 2012

Warm and Fuzzy

Yesterday I spent a great part of the morning and afternoon revisiting my town in Animal Crossing: City Folk - and it's been over a year since I was last there so everyone was so thrilled to see me XD (Wow I sound like I met up with actual people in an actual town XD) Some appeared angry at first but they confessed that they were just afraid I left without saying good bye to them XD

A Worried (Adorable) Rover 

Rover is so cute I want to hug and squeeze him until he is almost lifeless XD Right now my favorite neighbor is Tom the blue cat, and I took pictures with him. Unfortunately, my SD card kind of became damaged and I can no longer access the wonderful pictures I took of all the animals who were so warm and fuzzy towards me. 

Animal Crossing: City Folk is some kind of Forever game, meaning it goes on and on from one season to another, with occasional changes in neighbors, and the regular vendors coming in to visit the town. I decided to pay my City Folk town a visit yesterday for some kind of break, and it was effective because by the time I stopped playing in the afternoon I was quite reenergized and had new ideas although my back hurt from my playing position. By the time I fell asleep last night, I was bursting with ideas and excited to wake up today to do many things :)

PS. I think Rover is so cute that I cannot take it, and it almost feels like I want to eat him so he will be in my system and my veins and we will never part. Okay that was creepy but I've been kind of feeling Alice-Deaney since I woke up this morning I don't know why XD 

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