Thursday, November 8, 2012

We + Rock

They deceived my student and my sister. 

No, they are not potatoes :D

They are ROCKS. 

Flat bread-like rocks.

Our nice Korean neighbor is moving away, and gave my mom the nice rocks and shells which he bought for his garden. Most of the rocks are the nice, smooth, flat ones, but my mom took the potato-ish ones too for her potted plants. 

Waiting for their turn to be washed clean.

These are just some of the flat rocks; we got a small sack and small pails of more of them. Since my mom won't be using all of them for the backyard, we will be painting on some of the smaller ones and turn them into paperweight or surface decor for gifting or selling. I actually already have an idea of what to paint for my sister :D In fact, I have three designs in mind for her. :D Anyway I will make them as soon as I get around to doing them, because for now, we have to scrub clean all the rocks and let them dry. (Just last week I was thinking of rock-painting and was wondering where I could get nice smooth rocks :3) 

Somebody woke up to see what the fuss is all about.

As my mom and I went about the backyard grouping and setting aside the sudden collection of rocks, somebody came out to ask for food and to see what all the rock-like noise is all about. Later on, I took a rest with honey and calamansi tea because my throat isn't in a very good condition yet. I was able to sleep well last night though, without coughing fits and all. 

Fake potato attack on my tea

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