Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Busy Weekend and Anaru

So last Thursday I watched The Hobbit with friends (there were four of us) and I absolutely loved it - I also have a special fondness for Bilbo / Martin Freeman and all of us girls (my sister and Aya) have quite a special fondness for Kili. He kind of reminds us of someone we all know and so throughout the movie we were constantly watching out for him (with restrained squeals and gasps) should he be wounded or hurt in any way. Talk about involvement with the dwarves. However, the odd thing is that my sister and Aya hardly noticed Gloin at all, so when all four of us were talking about the other dwarves particularly Gloin, they barely remember seeing him XD Anyway we all liked the movie and would love to watch it again. 

The next day I was quite busy since I had to finish making some things. I finally finished one of the Monthly To-Do Lists which I had to give my friend that Sunday (I have to make another one for another friend). 

It comes with a wish that everything listed on them will be accomplished! :3

And then I had to make the red flower brooch my mom requested from me, since she had to wear it last Sunday for our family reunion. She wanted something kind of similar to the one I sewed onto her shirt before, but she wanted something detachable, that's why I made her a brooch instead of a sewn-on patch. 

Big, red, flower brooch.

Then I had to apply some varnish to a set of collected seashells which my mom needed to use for something. The shells were among the garden decor which was given to us by our former Korean neighbor before he moved away. Since some of them have lost their luster, she asked me to use even just one coat of varnish to make them look livelier. 

Varnishing shells

In the evening my dad suddenly felt like going out for a ride, so there was suddenly some kind of impromptu family road trip :D However traffic became worse so we went home sooner than expected. It was still okay though, because my desk was a mess since I was about to start painting another set of lists for another friend when my dad told us to jump into the car. So when we got back home, I had to finish it because I was going to give it to her the next day. 

More generic lists

The next day and Sunday I was already able to give away some of the gifts I made. On Saturday morning I made a few jars of sugar and olive oil scrub with honey, and I gave one to Aya when I saw her at kendo practice in the afternoon. At kendo we had our yearend shiai and everyone was amazing, especially those who fought until the final rounds for both kyu and dan levels. They all inspired me so much ❤ 

Our family reunion with our mother's side of the family finished off the weekend. It was quite a nice and relaxed evening for everyone, and I never even looked for my book once, because I enjoyed it. After the party, an uncle, a cousin, and a niece stayed behind to help us tidy up, and since we had not seen one other for a long a time, we stayed up until way past midnight to catch up. I had tea as I listened to my cousin's stories and as my niece tugged my sleeve telling me she was already bored XD On her hand she wrote the name of a singer she likes, and it kind of reminded me of myself when I would write the kanji of my nickname for someone I apparently still want *kind of apologetic* 

Speaking of which, apart from realizing I am affected by his every single inhale and exhale and blink and movement because I still like him *apologizes profusely to self* I also realize I just need to ride this out until it all dissipates into nothingness or indifference. But I DO have to ride it out. It IS quite tough but it somehow helps that I am now aware of that so that I can distinguish between reacting-normally and reacting-because-I-am-turning-into-Hayden. It also keeps The Compulsions at bay. And I have become less resistant to the Wanting Phases and more appreciative of my Indifferent Phases.

I admit though that I do feel like an Anaru most of the time to the Yadomi that he is, always, always preferring the Menmas/Menmause of the world. In any case, I trust I will be able to wean myself out of this, eventually, eventually. 

Now, I am ill, but off I go as I still need to sell some clothes from our little store.

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