Sunday, December 23, 2012

Collages and A Canned Bear

Yesterday I took some time to revisit my collaging. I used to use my old journals and planners as collage pages back in the 90s but eventually I threw them all away because of bad associations and I just didn't like many of them anymore. Then months ago I decided to get back to collaging because it is a different kind of pleasure from drawing and painting and a refreshing way to put images and ideas together, so I dug out an old big notebook and bought a medium-sized one for various collage spreads. I never got around to it though, and only managed to stick some images on a few pages, but I have also become quite active again at collecting these images that I can use for them when I finally sit down to do it. And then there is also my Japanese scrapbook which I mentioned last month, in which I incorporated some of my watercoloring. 

So yesterday I reopened my collage notebooks and my container of images that I have gathered so far. I still have not put together one whole spread, but I have managed to add pieces to different ones. I trust they will all evolve soon enough :3

That means I still have no actual output to share here XD I did manage to find a cutout, though, of one of Clive Barker's illustrations from an old, worn-out copy of Abarat, and I glued it onto a wallpaper-like  background, so it looked like an old-style wallpaper from an old house and there are odd paintings on the "wall." In this image though I threw in some random objects from around me whose colors I think mix well with the, uhm, "wall" and its displayed artwork. But otherwise it did seem like a "wall with paintings" XD

Or maybe it IS a wall with giant pins and candy and accessories.

I saved some other incomplete collage spreads too because I think it would be nice to layer them with text but more on that next time as the words have yet to form or find me. 

Today I received another Christmas present - it's from the friend whom I gave the first set of monthly to-do lists to:

Bear-san, he came in a nice Christmas-can.

I have no name for him yet, so he is just Bear-san for now :D Just a few minutes ago, though, a name is surfacing in my head although the story behind it is quite odd XD I shall think (or feel) about it some more then decide within the day XD (wow I made it sound like a major to-do wt) Eventually I will sew a letter onto his sweater or perhaps make tiny brooches or add tiny buttons or maybe even make Other Shirts :D

Right now I wish I were playing kendo with some friends but I have some things to take care of T_T As for these other things, maybe they needed to happen, or I am sure they needed to happen to make me fix or change things which will all eventually result to better days ahead. (>.<) I can only do my best and act on them, now, and to act rightly. 

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