Saturday, December 22, 2012

Friendly Remind-ers

Really, they are Friendly, and they are there to Remind :D 

Monsterly To Do List

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, I still had to do another set of monthlies. I began the first half Tuesday night, but had to stop because my fever seemed to be getting worse, though making these relaxed my mind a bit. I was also glad I was able to finish half.

First Six Months

Of the six, these three were my favorites so far:

The April bunny was inspired by one of the bunnies I saw in Usagi Drop.

The next day, I did the rest, and identified all my favorites:

Miss January Odd Girl and the February Fabric Freak

Inspired Bunny

Our July Maiden. It had to be July. 

These last-quarter darlings were inspired by the works of Scott Campbell. They're so cute I kind of want to chew them.

And then I slipped all of them into a stationery and envelope set and sealed it up with a matching sticker and then we all signed:

Grimalkin was not able to sign but it was one of her many pairs of scissors that was used to cut the paper.

By Wednesday night, I was still quite feverish, and my body gave way to a certain anger that has been lingering for quite a while, and I wrote, and wrote, and kept writing until way past midnight about it, until I came to the realization that it's about time I do not Stay with whatever makes me angry, be it people, state, or certain thoughts. And then I wrote about what I can do about it and how it is about time I should really take steps, walking Away from people and things that hold me back. I shall one day find my tribe, my place, my pieces. And then after writing it all out and finding the beginnings of a resolution, I totally, immediately calmed down, and then I noticed how I've been working myself up about so many things, and that I cared about me much less than I should. So I spent some quiet time with me, without all the other voices and thoughts, and my temperature dropped remarkably, and I went to sleep. The next day, the fever was completely gone. I think I am a few steps closer to being ready for 2013, The Year of True Paths. 

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