Saturday, December 22, 2012

I, Peachie

Now using ipiccy :3

I was looking for new, completely free online photo editors since most of the picmonkey tools I have been using are now upgrade features and I can no longer use them for free D: So anyway I found ipiccy and explored using a recent photo of me spacing out the morning after recovering from my fever :D My hand makes the whole photo look like it shows an intentionally fashionable or stylish pose, but I was just really kind of half-resting my chin on it as I spaced out, my coffee turning cold XD Anyway, I had fun with it, airbrushing my entire face and deciding later on I'd make it all look like the packaging of some new, unknown Asian brand for makeup. 

Grimalkin's Glow - A Fictitious Brand for Fictitious Makeup! :D

I thought of the fictitious brand, Grimalkin's Glow, because I was thinking of a BB cream XD And then I couldn't think of anything to write about it, so I just threw in random phrases, including my New Year Wish to all single ladies who are wanting to be with someone: Obtain an Eddie Redmayne. Of course no one minds if it were the actual Eddie Redmayne, that would be superb. 

Take note, this makeup is like, awarded as the Most Popular Fictitious Brand XD (Reminds me of Japanese class: Watashi wa Fictitious Coffee Shop he ikimasu.)

Raspberry filler texts make me think of jelly-filled donuts and now I want donuts and coffee. 

Bewitch and Brand - makes me think of Alice Deane and how the idea of Branding Boys came to my mind. 

And then there are some random words about makeup. And yes I think this should be a BB cream as I am not wearing makeup in this photo except for lip balm. It's the airbrush magic. 

Maybe I should've removed most of the hand as now it looks pensive and no one looks pensive in a makeup packaging D: 

And by the way I cannot do anything about my eye bags. Sometimes I actually like them. I do not like the dark circles, but the eye bags I do not mind most of the time. 

I like the sound of Grimalkin's Glow. And can I airbrush my face everyday? Hahaha. 

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