Monday, December 31, 2012


A friend had his family fly in from Japan so they can enjoy the holidays together. My sister and I, along with another family-friend, had dinner with them last week. They also gave me some omiyage, which I very much appreciated and shared with the rest of my family. 

A tin of snacks, and I especially love the almonds!

It was a really nice evening, and I loved meeting these new people :) 

That was Thursday, and since then, I have obviously been quite busy. I have also been reading a lot, since I acquired two new books (one is new to my possession, but is actually a very old book) and I can't seem to put them down, that I have been kind of neglecting the other six books I am supposedly currently reading. Anyway I am sure I will get around to them :3 This is one of the books I have been hooked on:

This, and a book about Jane Austen, plus Howl's OST or a compilation of classical music, immersing myself in them for a whole day, make me feel so... old. But in a good way :)

I have been wanting to find and acquire this old book, and my sister found it in a second-hand bookshop, and gave it to me as one of her presents for Christmas (^_^) 

Anyway I just dropped by to say Hi and HAPPY NEW YEAR, though I've no artwork that comes along with today's greeting. I am, in fact, in the middle of Oosouji (major cleaning), in preparation for welcoming the new year, and my hands smell like a mixture of cocoa and vanilla because of the essential oils I currently use for my homemade potpourri

Before I get back to cleaning though (I take frequent breaks, because the last time I did some major cleaning, I overdid it without stopping to rest, and I fell ill :D), I am relieved to say I seem to have been weaned from an intense phase/state, and I am leaving it behind with 2012 :) 

To show my gratitude to 2012 for everything it has brought and taught me, I begin 2013 with taking my happiness seriously, taking love seriously, and not allowing myself to be Intoxicated by fleeting things. 

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