Wednesday, December 26, 2012


My Christmas day was so hectic I had no time to post nor do more than two things from my To Do list XD (Yes I still had my usual To Do list for Christmas day because I had every intention to work and do other daily things.) I was only able to do a little promotion of our vintage LPs for sale, and to update my CV (because I am now actively looking for more part-time jobs to add to the ones I have now). Other than that, Nothing XD I was able to post this on my Facebook wall though, along with a general Christmas greeting:

A Street Party, and all of them are feeling festive. 

On Christmas Eve the whole family ate together and opened presents, and even after my sister left, we hung out for a long time by her car parked outside the house, talking about so many things XD Later on my mom came out and said it was quite late and that we would see each other again the next day anyway XD So I let my sister go on home, and I still did a few other things and slept at like, Four AM. 

The next day it was Christmas lunch at my grandmother's, and we stayed there until mid-afternoon, and back home I just had coffee then napped a bit, since I was feeling floaty already due to only five hours of sleep. In the early evening, we went over to an aunt's home who invited us over for Christmas dinner. It was so much fun and it felt good to catch up with all of them, including my cousins. We came back home a bit late, and I was so tired, but I felt happy about how things turned out. And at the end of Christmas day, I think I had a few more realizations about true family, true friends, a true self, and how 2012 is making way for the True Paths in 2013. 

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