Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pretty Skirt

Okay, back to talking of pretty things (^_^) (The last couple of posts about factions and moving forward  were among those seasonal posts that just need to be expressed and shared every now and then.) Now, I was just organizing some of the skirts from our inventory and this one is my favorite and I want it for myself:

It is of a nice soft bluish-gray hue and I like the big round buttons at the waistline. If no one buys it I am thinking of buying it for myself XD 

This week is kind of busier than usual as I need to actually Make some of my gifts. I am positive though, that I will finish those that I need to by the time weekend comes around. Tomorrow I am watching The Hobbit with friends (^_^) I am also quite excited about Les Miserables. I was not able to watch Rurouni Kenshin anymore due to sudden changes but no biggie, I can always watch it at home when I get the chance. Besides, right now I associate it too much with other things so maybe now is not the Time for me to watch it :T 

Anyway I need to go now and paint some presents (^_^) 

PS. I realized only a couple of nights ago that I am so affected by someone's every inhale, exhale, comment, word, action, remembering, forgetting, presence, absence, glance, nearness, farness, shirt, voice, silence, mistake, bad manner, sweetness, message, indifference, and coldness because I (still) like him (omg, sorry, self), though only in strange phases and at odd intervals and despite my entire being's resistance to the thought of it. *wince* (sorry, self. *apologizes profusely*)

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