Thursday, December 13, 2012

To Do

I know I said the other day that I was watching The Hobbit the next day so that was supposed to be yesterday but the movie is showing today so I am watching with my friends later instead XD 

Meanwhile I have been making something for a friend. 

To Do List for the month of February

It's a monthly to-do list :3 I decided to make this for him instead of my other gift idea because I think he would appreciate more if it's something I made; after all he asked for rocks I painted for his birthday this year (^^,)

Different Designs for Each Month :3

I am also making another set for another friend, and then a set of note cards for another. 

October, November

I have to finish this set first, though, before I move on to anything else. I also still need to hand-sew a big brooch for my mom for a party this weekend. I am guessing tomorrow, despite its being a Free / Rest Day (apart from my tutorial), will be spent mostly finishing homemade crafts and gifts and wrapping some of them :3

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