Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tote Trials

After my first tote which I intentionally made for myself as a practice piece, I then tried making a simpler, faster one that I can easily make more of for selling. However, while it is good enough to use, it is not good enough yet for selling (^^U)

This green isn't in my color scheme nor matches it so I just gave it to my sister who can use it along with hers. Even if I don't get to sell it, I am glad it is usable. It can carry a few books or notebooks, or wide items like sketch pads or watercolor sheets. 

I gave it to her yesterday when the whole family met up and went to the wake of my granduncle, whom we visited at the hospital some time in October. He had five children, and all of them have been living outside of the country since I can remember. Last night at the wake, one of them came to the wake after just having flown in from the UK. She is the same aunt whom I exchange messages with every now and then about Japanese topics, since she used to live and study in Japan before. The others are flying in today from the US, except for one who needs to take care of things there. 

People came and left in trickles at the wake, so when we arrived late in the afternoon, there were only a few people around. It was a very warm and pleasant atmosphere though, because people were sort of prepared for the passing away of my granduncle, who had been sick for quite some time, and the people were just also naturally warm and friendly and cheerful. We also got to meet some relatives for the first time, and it was generally a relaxed evening. We all had dinner and stayed in mass together, and as I told my sister, these people, though I rarely see some of them and have only met the others, feel so much more like family than supposedly closer blood relatives. It is pretty much like being around my dad's father's side of the family, who occasionally fly in to Manila (they all live in different states in the US) for big reunions. We all rarely see each other, and I barely know my cousins from that side, but I feel so comfortable around them and they are all very warm and forthcoming with us, like close families are. And last night's relatives were like that too. When it comes to my grandmother though, and my aunt who taught us how to sew, we feel the same way too and my sister and I actually enjoy hanging out with them. We're all like Maiden, Mother, and Crone (^_^) Anyway I was just musing about family matters because it feels nice to meet some again for the first time and to be around those whom I feel at home and comfortable with. 


  1. Nice post. I like your tote. How did you make it?

  2. I followed the instructions from Skip To My Lou ( - although mine did not look as pretty :D


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