Sunday, December 9, 2012


Instead of buying a fixative spray as I originally planned, I just bought some painting varnish as recommended by JN, the great artist friend I mentioned recently, and though I did not enjoy the smell of the varnish, I did enjoy applying it and seeing the painted stones look shinier and the colors more pronounced (^_^)

I just woke up a while ago from quite a long nap while the strong wind pleasantly blew outside and Sigur Ros played in the background. Now I am having coffee and chocolate. I think I need some other kind of boost, though, however I am not quite sure what it is. I am feeling somewhat lethargic. Maybe as I check one thing after another in my To Do list I will be back to my usual lively state. Perhaps I need to feel more of Moving Forward. 

By the way last night I had a great time with a friend whom I had not spent time with nor gotten in touch with for quite some time due to busy schedules and my psycho phases. It was nice to be "back" (for lack of a better term / it's how I felt) and I am always happy being around a friend I can talk to and be myself with (^_^) 

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