Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Crazy Pet

What with all these happy stories of rescued pets finding their forever homes, my sister brilliantly came up with a chat message that made me cough up my coffee. She was updating me about her search for projects and that she is still waiting for some responses and in the same breadth said she is doing so in the same manner she is searching and waiting for a Forever Home XD And then I suddenly had a mental image of ourselves in similar pet ads for forever homes, which led me to create this insane piece of fictitious ad, pretty much like the Fictitious BB Cream

It's the photo with the most animal-like blank expression I could find XD Initially there were no neko features since I reminded myself more of (lost) DOG, but Ni-chi (a friend I may have or may have not mentioned before wt :3) suggested I add whiskers so I did and then I added the hana and mimi and then I sent it to him XD (without a purr I promise omg) Anyway my sister was also quite amused by it and while it is an insane fictitious ad I hope the colors brighten up your day *curtsies* 

In other news my hair seems to either grow too fast or refuses to be cut short so after the initial trial haircut, I cut off a bigger clump again before kendo last Monday, because it just gets tangled up everywhere with everything. 

I also cut my hair with the intention to create layers and magnify the natural curls, so now I think they are more visible but the longest layer is still quite long. I think I can manage that though, at least for now. But I do like the feeling of having lighter hair and more curls especially after I wake up in the morning and feel like showing off my head full of wavy soft hair but I am not exactly stepping out in my jim jams right. 

While I am breezy and talking about fake pet ads and haircuts I am also fully aware I have once again reverted back to something I said I'd been weaned from in 2012. The great difference though is that this time it is intense but not insane, inspiring but not obsessive, and I am fully aware that the doors to it are forever barred from me so in any case I cannot claim a forever home in him hahahaha. I am not sure if we are still talking about pets. Regardless, I have other goals regarding that aspect of my life, and I will be reading more Austen. 

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