Friday, January 18, 2013

A Quiet Kind of Happiness

This lovely white cat kind of illustrates a quiet kind of happiness that I mostly feel these days. 

Drew and painted around a partial image taken from an old planner full of elegant cats

The cat image was from a page in an old planner I used to have. It was pages after pages of extremely cute and elegant cats and cat cities and cat parties and cat friends and cat shopping. Then I painted around the image to kind of "expand" the surroundings of this quietly happy cat. It's actually these little things and details I especially like, the twirly vines and the soft spots of color. I copied the curvy lines with a pen and then painted everything else. By the way this whole thing is a page in the Japanese-themed scrapbook I mentioned before. I am not quite sure if the planner came from Hong Kong or Singapore but everything in it had a whole Japanese feel to it so here it is in this particular scrapbook. I did this yesterday while listening to and loving Princess Chelsea whose certain expressions kind of remind me of me but freer. 

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