Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Version of Kenshin

So, I finished it after all, the drawing which I previously mentioned I was only halfway through XD I had the compulsion to finish it and just moved my organization of the store merchandise til later :D Besides I have been really itching to finish it especially after it gave birth to various elements, which I shall explain further below :D

This was inspired by the scene in Sayounara Zetsubou Sensei where Itoshiki Nozomu was trying to sell his doujinshi in an event and people thought he was cosplaying as Rurouni Kenshin so the fangirls suddenly flocked to him and started taking his pictures :D Then suddenly I was reminded of Ni-chi (the friend who suggested that whiskers should be added to the Fictitious Pet Ad, and whom I may have mentioned in previous posts XD) because the appearance of Itoshiki was pretty much like him, and I highly associate him with Rurouni Kenshin for about 200 reasons, and fangirls surrounding him is not quite hard to imagine.

And so I decided I shall make a Ni-chi version of the scene, copying the original screenshot and just making tiny tiny changes to make it closer to him, like maybe making the hair shorter and dressing him in blue clothes.

However the additional elements were born and so I had to deliver them.

As I started drawing this morning, I decided to just draw two fangirls taking pictures instead of the original four, so that all of him is visible, and I pretty much like what he is wearing. 

Then there was just suddenly a small pink imp hiding behind his hakama, peering at me as I completed the picture. I was compelled to include him and keep him there. 

And then came the third fan girl, singing (probably Zee Avi's version of Tonight You Belong to Me) and carrying flowers to signify her adoration. 

And then there is a noose, you might be wondering why it's there at all, but it's from some other more competitive fangirl, throwing a noose over his head in order to snag him, I mean REALLY snag him. It's kind of insane, but I must admit it is creative and probably effective. 

And then there are the noren above, one of them representing a stalker who is perpetually tailing him but is often hard to spot. When spotted, she often has a mad look in her eyes. 

And then a cat sleeps, beside an odd plant, and he is oblivious to what is taking place. 

When I finally saved this piece, I realize it is my First painting on paper for 2013! Another first for the year. Anyway I hope my friend likes it though it has become quite far from the original screenshot I showed him :3

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