Friday, January 4, 2013


Finally, I was able to sew the edges of one of my new tenugui. I received this around February of last year, since everyone who was going to Hong Kong that time was given the same kind of tenugui as a token. However, I never got around to using it since it sat for a long while inside my sewing bin of pending items. A friend told me that he also hand-stitches the edges of his tenugui although he watched somewhere that we don't need to. So anyway I was able to finally get around to sewing the edges of one of my tenugui (I am saying One Of because I think I have another tenugui somewhere in that sewing bin).

This post must sound like it will bore anyone stiff XD But I am just glad to have used the sewing machine again, even for something as common and uncreative as sealing the edges of a tenugui :3 

Right now I have a very bad headache and I cannot make any sudden movements because it feels like my head will crack open and omg, the things and thoughts that will come out of it. It's good though that my cough is almost gone and the common cold that has been threatening to confine me indoors seems to have gotten tired of me and moved on away. However I have to wait out for this headache to leave, though it makes me feel like I am coming down with the flu. 

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