Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First Things First

Five of this year's firsts:

1. First Phone Call

My first incoming phone call was about an hour after midnight of January 1st, from my artist friend JN. He is one of the people I made friends with last year. And now he is also my sempai in art, urging me and reminding me to paint, then paint, and then paint some more :3 And it's good because I need that because I need at least 10,000 hours of practice. 

2. First Mug of Coffee

I slept at a little past four in the morning because my sister came over on the evening of December 31st, and as expected, we spent a huge chunk of time talking and thinking aloud. She also made me watch Sense and Sensibility, and I loved Colonel Brandon / Alan Rickman and I want a Colonel Brandon / Alan Rickman. So after she left during the wee hours, I still spent some time reading a book, until I decided to sleep after four, and so I woke up just a few minutes before noon, had lunch languidly, then became fully human upon having my first mug of coffee after. As I enjoyed my coffee I thought about lessons from the past year and how fortunate it is that I no longer feel compelled to [respond to / snap at] [very lame remarks / poor attempts to be witty] anymore. 

3. First Rain 

The first rain came as I had my first mug of coffee, and it was like a promising sign that the old will be washed away and that new, true paths will be cleared. And I am not sure how, but the air kind of smelled like a date. 

4. First Challenge Taken

Last year, I targeted 12 books for the Goodreads Reading Challenge just to be sure, since there are days when I do not have time to read at all. By the end of 2012, I was able to meet 125% of my goal. This year, I am targeting 14 books :) 

5. First Blog Post

My first blog post comes in today, instead of yesterday, because I spent the whole day reading books and doing things online and then spending time with family in the evening. I did take note though, of five of the first things for this year, and I am looking forward to more (^_^)


  1. I like this idea about 2013 reading challenge.. :-)

  2. Yup, it's fun! :) Just go to and set your target, then read away! :D


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