Sunday, January 27, 2013


I made this colored sketch which was inspired by a Valentine's art that I saw in etsy. It totally MOVED me because I actually FELT it. I made my version closer to, uhm, reality.

I love him, and though I am closer to a misty-eyed Eponine On Her Own, I am still doing my best to move forward until this feeling has passed. 

Today I shall wash the rocks I will be painting, and a friend of mine just gave me an idea to make something like a hanko but made of rubber eraser to stamp my name, so I shall be preparing the materials for that too! :D I think I need to work extra harder today to wash away some recent unpleasant turn of events and some mild state of emotional drunkenness. It's more of the latter, really, though the former is like one hell of an annoying pebble in my shoe. Hopefully being busy and productive will CRUSH that pebble into fine fine particles. And more importantly I need to sober up and brave dealing with unreciprocated, impossible love. 

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