Friday, January 25, 2013

Yeiy. Owarimashita.

The last page

Back in 2011 I started a journal in Japanese in order for me to practice even a little everyday. I chose a tiny notebook so that it would be easier to bring around and to fill out. However I would forget to write for days or weeks, thus also forgetting my Japanese significantly, especially kanji. I would either just write in hiragana or spend a significant time searching for the proper kanji. And then there would be times I would try to read what I had written months before, and I couldn't read my own journal entry, either because I no longer remember what kanji it was, or my grammar was so bad I can only guess what I was trying to say D:

Anyway I have finally managed to FINISH the journal and it will become part of my bunch of review materials, then of course, I will start a new (tiny) journal, hopefully with better handwriting and grammar and more proper kanji. 


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