Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Big Love, Big Turtle

I drew this for Michelle, a lovely friend of mine who lives so far away now. When she was here, we only spent a few times together, but they were all super fun (sometimes funny like scrambling towards a door, running from an imagined ghost). Now, we only get in touch once in a while but we know that every message or Facebook Like is a sincere gesture and that every moment shared virtually strengthens the connection we have. 

Lovely Mornings

Initially the image that came to my head was only of her and her husband, surrounded by the beach, but eventually the baby buggy and the big turtle came into mind. The big turtle was born from a few photos she posted in Facebook where there was a very huge turtle on the grass and at first I thought it was some kind of stone sculpture, but apparently it was real :D 

While this illustration shows what a pleasant morning it is to be with her, I also send out my warmest and sincerest wishes to her that all her mornings be lovely, and that the people who matter to her always find their mornings even lovelier because she is in them. 

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