Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I think it is starting. For real. Getting past this. Because it is happening in a calmer albeit sad and bittersweet manner. It was triggered by feeling like talking to a dead person. Or a rock. And my sister helped put some sense into my head. It is time to stop, and now, I do not Just KNOW it. I also FEEL that it is time. Time to let go. Bittersweet, but it is Time. The time I have been praying for to come, but which I have also been hesitant to approach because it would mean saying goodbye to all of it. But then again, it is time, and now it Just Feels Right to keep on walking, and it is all bittersweet, but I have also grown calm. I have seen that it cannot always be like this, so it is time to move forward. 

Now, I can look at its end with fortitude and calmness. 

I still am happy about the way things turned out, but I think it just had to be this way first, before I move on.  Things have layered on so many times in a complicated manner and they may have or may have not all sorted themselves out, but from there I guess I am supposed to move forward. 

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