Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chews Nibbles Bites

I have been quite antsy most of the day; that, or being overcome by extreme sleepiness that a blink lasts for two whole seconds. Then when I am antsy... omg I cannot even begin to explain. *haunted and overcome* If only these calming chewables were like, the real thing.

Calming Chewables

Tonight I am going to sleep early. I hope the sleep drowns out this spellbound  state and by tomorrow morning I'd be as calm and composed as I am supposed to be. I will just draw a bit for now, an illustration in a subtle set of illustrations, until my eyelids are extremely heavy I cannot see my drawing. But I need to start drawing now. *yawns for the 920,291st time*

PS. I kind of have a sneaking suspicion that whatever I have decided to let go has decided to double its efforts and bombard me full-force, but that is just my suspicion and hopefully tomorrow I am back to my forward-moving self. Maybe it's like an initial relapse or something. Or maybe I am too physically tired (lack of sleep, running, sewing all day) that I was caught unawares by emotions I boxed up and supposedly safely tucked away. Tomorrow, tomorrow is a new day. Oh, and a new month. *slightly resistant*

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