Wednesday, February 20, 2013


As I have been practising how to draw some characters, I copied this darling who has become the star of all the other doodles.

I shall no longer go about explaining every Weird element on the page XD It is worthy to mention though, that dark beer IS love and that coffee is a magic drink in that it disappears without you noticing it - which just happened to me now. My delicious mug of coffee was just, gone, just like that. Okay this brings me to another train of thought but I shall leave it at that XD 

Last night I was able to sleep early, or lemme correct myself - I was able to go to bed early :3 I had to rest as early as 9:30 because since Monday I have been running in the mornings again, which means I would need to get up before sunrise (sunrise nowadays is around 6:23 AM), and the nights before last night I have been sleeping late, hence yesterday I felt like a giant eyebag, all heavy and puffy and tired. However I qualified what being in bed means, because I was only able to actually fall asleep after an hour, because I still listened to some music and heaved a million sighs :D 

Today is another day and outside the weather is SO lovely, all sunny and windy, and it's pretty quiet for a regular working day. I plan to take care of some of our merchandise before I make anything to add, and I also intend to work on some clay again. That is, if I don't get the compulsion to draw again XD Lately all I've been wanting is to draw and I cannot stop. It's been like that since the start of the year but especially lately when I see my sketchbooks and paint I get all excited. It also quite relaxes me, drawing and painting. It quiets me down. It frees my mind. It reminds me to keep going. 

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