Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fate, Faith

So I managed to finish the illustration I started the other day. I realize it's my biggest one. Most of the others are postcard-sized or roughly 9.5" x 7.25". This one is 14.5" x 9.5" and while it really isn't that big, it IS the biggest I have made so far :D

The general atmosphere and arrangement was inspired by Kafuka Fuura and it made me think of calmness and optimism and of course the fortitude I need an abundance of, and I called it Fate, Faith not only because of that but also because it KIND OF/MILDLY makes me think of another heartfelt Senjougahara line: Basically, me killing you means that the closest to you when you die will be me. Isn't that romantic? (Omg I haven't been in tsundere mode in a long time. On a lighter note, my Chiri-chan orientation has been that Outside of the Infirmary.) 

Yesterday I was overly inexplicably unusually lethargic and I suspect it has to do with weaning myself away and getting used to the sobriety. Sober is good, but it does have a melancholic effect after a phase of sparkling intoxication. It's still great though, because I can feel myself snapping awake from it all. Moreover, I think he has chosen to continue drifting away. I think he only becomes Mildly Interested when he feels something has to do with him, but otherwise, he is clearly no longer curious/concerned/connected with me, for reasons that still kind of puzzle me until now, but which he never talked about or clarified at all, which is also pointless for me to even try to find out and understand. He has chosen to Suddenly Shift and Disappear, and I can only deal with it. 

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