Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Earphones...

... that remind me of my stationery and sticker collections during my childhood.

I was going to get Apple Earpods but it turns out they are only compatible with very specific models of iPod Shuffles so I went to get from Sony instead. Eventually I will get myself a new iPod shuffle so I won't have problems looking for the appropriate earpods and anything else I need to connect to it. Meanwhile I am finding my new earphones quite adorable and i even love the hearts. 

See they're so cute they even match the beads I was wearing when I went to buy :3 I went with my sister, and I also bought a book for my student along with a couple of other things I need for painting. As we walked we came across this fish-and-chips place with a chalkboard wall where people are allowed to draw, so while my sister got her fill of fish and chips I followed my compulsion to draw. There were random fish drawings so I decided to draw someone with a thought bubble that led to the nearest fish, to make it look as though he were thinking of fish, in order to make my character relevant to the food place XD 

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