Monday, February 25, 2013

Noodle Doodle


Yes that is one of them short somewhat insane laughters that came from I-am-not-sure-what, but I am sure it had something to do with the title, though I do not really think it is That Funny. Must be the endorphins trying so hard to cheer me up because I have been having a dull headache with occasional droning aches since Saturday night.

Speaking of Saturday night, there was dinner after kendo and my hands were itching to draw something so I drew Noodle-san who was seated across me.

It's a poor doodle I know but I just had to Do Something

I had a pencil because I used it to hold my hair up in a bun, but I had no paper with me and there was the reliable tissue paper.

Sunday was spent working (in the morning), buying some art supplies (early afternoon), and watching all of My Mad Fat Diary (rest of the day, while snacking not bingeing). It was, OMG, like watching my mad, fat self. Even the way we slouch and walk and jiggle about (normally called "move about" when applied to other people) are eerily similar. Her thoughts about people and life and things and herself pretty much echoed so much of mine. Especially about Not Being a Girl. And hearing Kester say that the boys decide who is girly and who isn't was like being run down by cars, the last of which has a broken something. Anyway, it is not like everything just perpetuated all these awful feelings (that aren't there All The Time anyway). I was reminded of the good things despite some harsh realities and I also wish I had a Kester to put some sense or logic into my brain every now and then. There was also a good dose of reminders to consider and take a look at what others might be going through and how they might be dealing, especially mums and girl friends. Also, I realize I am not alone in thinking the same sort of thoughts and feeling the same kinds of feelings Rae did (so it means I am not completely insane or weird) :D But most importantly, there is hope of Finding a Finn or Being Found by a Finn. Now THAT was awesome. (I still find the face and the eyeglasses of Archie MOST Adorable though. There is something about the hair and the glasses that kind of tip me over to Sweet Madness.) 

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