Monday, February 4, 2013


As Neil Gaiman said, "Cat exploded? Make art." 

I've had quite a number of "cat explosions" and recently I'd draw and paint them away. Friday night I was attacked my Pangs of Paranoia and I ended up sleeping just a little before 6 AM on Saturday morning. (Painted illustrations to be posted next time ^^) On the other hand, Saturday turned out much better than I expected and for a few glorious moments in the evening I felt like a real girl (I sound like a female version of Pinocchio wt) and I loved every minute of it, but only to find a Sunday that rubbed in something I've been beefing about. Basically some song I came across (a theme from Aika Zero) catches some of it:

"I don't like hiding things, but I won't show my pain. My body was made to live strongly, but I want you to say it's cute."

Okay maybe I am not really after the cute part XD But there is just a whole planet of difference between, omg I do not want to get myself started on how everyone else becomes a cute fluffy ball of pink cotton next to the sizable sturdy boy that I am, and hence they get the sweet endearing tones and I get the gruff voices. 

Anyway since I was pretty antsy for most of the afternoon, I decided to resort to another kind of art for this Cat Explosion episode. It was Time for Clay. 

Deciding on the amount of clay to be taken from my first slab

I've had the ingredients for quite some time, for making the clay. I want to make my own clay and THEN make things with the clay. After a long time, I finally made clay last Wednesday, then I let it sit all weekend. When I put the slab away to let it sit, I was thinking of making small plate-like containers with crown marks, but as I eyed the slab today it made me think: MOOK. 

Fancying a  Black Lollipop. 

The idea of a mook came from ilovegreyskies' etsy store. This lovely store makes and sells mooks, and I particularly loved the Wolfy Mook. It tugged at my heart while LOOKING up at me. And since I was also feeling a bit achey, I wanted to make something that would make me smile. A mook was perfect. 

Playing the role of Horror Movie Dentist, backwards

I just created one my own way, experimenting on my first slab of homemade clay. The most challenging part was attaching the fangs. 

Oh, that smile, it was like an infant's first bawl. 

Eventually, I managed to finish it. It is still quite rough on the edges, but it's my first clay baby and I am happy with it. 

A finished mook, smiling and ready to greet the world

It is not your typical girly doll to make and to keep, but I figured that while Making it and Loving it makes me Different, the Odd One, it also sets apart the man who will truly get past that. Sometimes, it does not just stop at Not Having Issues about my oddness; it is about Appreciating it and Still Seeing the Girly, Frilly, Excitable Girl (who just happens to be packed with boyishness, fortitude, and bruises) who just happened to be a bit weird. It is about Wanting to Get to Know in the First Place hence discovering that it is not always all about the other typical girls with their girly demeanor and apparent delicateness and childish sweetness nor is it always about oneself (think Carly Simon's You're So Vain). 

The mook is resting. Happily. 

And then it will make a whole lot of difference when one knows, she loves you. 

But then again if you don't love the girl back, don't play her. If you do, tell her. Either way, be nice. 

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