Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

Because it was Valentine's Day yesterday, I put together some old pieces that have some kind of Love theme. I did this over a week before Valentine's Day so the newer ones which also speak of love were no longer included. Besides these are just a few selected pieces since I do not want the images to be too small and the collage too cluttered.

Valentine's Day is also my sister's birthday, so Wednesday evening, I went over to her place, bringing my gift so she could open it by midnight, then we stepped out so I could treat her to sandwiches, donuts, and coffee. Then for the rest of the evening we ate some more, watched Supernatural episodes, ate, talked, ate, and then went to sleep around 3 in the morning. By 8 am we were up and about, then stepped out for some McDonald's breakfast. 

After breakfast over conversations about Turning Back Time, college courses, married people, single people, possible reasons why single people are still single, what makes certain marriages work, and what makes certain marriages strained and unhappy, we went back up to her place where I got lost in Skyrim so I had no idea what she was doing for the rest of the morning. Before noon, we walked to where I live because our parents prepared lunch for my sister's birthday, and so she could open the rest of her many gifts from different people. 

After about an hour, we went over to my grandma's to visit her. She is actually ill but she still managed to smile for the camera. I hope she gets well soon, and as of this moment my mom is with her to take care of her.

My sister said I kind of look like The Natalie of Love, Actually's Prime Minister :D (Oooh you called her chubby~) Now if there were someone as remarkable as that Prime Minister to knock on my door hahaha! I promise not to march down the stairs effing looking for my effing coat XD 

The rest of the afternoon was spent with Sam and Dean, coffee, chocolate, and naps. While again, I did not get a bison for Valentine's this year, I got loads of Korean loot :3 

In the evening, dinner was Chinese food, and I think I drank wayyy too much oolong tea that I did not get to eat much. And I was starting to get sleepy since I hardly slept the night before, and the weather was so warm although I still think it's lovely, because it feels so summery already. 

I got home later on and an otherwise perfect Valentine's Day was temporarily bulldozed by... something that upset me so much. *edited* :D 

This then gave way to an illustration inspired by Senjougahara Hitagi. 

By the time I finished it, my Valentine's Day went back to its happy, composed state :D So I climbed to bed and decided to finally re-start (really, finally, for the nth time) my Crisis Core game :3 

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