Thursday, February 7, 2013

What Today Has Been Like

Throwing Muses, Mazzy Star, The Cardigans, Liz Phair, and Metric have been among my singing companions. 

I sound horrible (really) but I decided that today, I shall do whatever makes me feel most alive and joyful. And so I decided to paint and sing (for lack of a better word) all day. Add Fiona Apple to the list. 

The Kiss-chup piece was among those I did today, but there are some yet to be posted. Oh, and there was The Sundays too. Naturally I just Grunted along. 

I am trying my best not to be Puzzled, really. Add Sonic Youth. 

I took out all sketchbooks so I can let a finished one dry and immediately begin another one. In the process I discovered others, both papers and unfiled pieces. Right now many of them are kind of napping on my bed. 

Asobi Seksu, Tommy Heavenly6,  and Younha. Sometimes a line from Jonathan Stroud's Bartimaeus book: "Oh can't you have mercy, you hateful boy!" echoes inside. But mostly it is music, and then of course there is PORTISHEAD.  ♬ Sometimes I pause and write frantically in an Evernote notebook where I write down my thoughts. 

Bjork, take my hand and walk me forward, then we can be spectacular together. *shimmers* 

Then of course Late Night Alumni is my late night companion. 

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