Thursday, March 7, 2013

Birthday Bison, Bison Obsession

Who DOES this I mean REALLY

But it's true, I read a bit about bisons, and I read that a species is called bison bison, and a couple of subspecies are called bison bison bison and bison bonasus bonasus. Talk about ASTOUNDING. Oh maybe I am just biased because I like bisons in an unusual manner. I mean really, ever since 2010. And I have been wanting A BISON PLUSHIE SINCE. It would be rad to hug a real one too, though I think that is just risky, right. 

I am having a nice, warm, serene birthday so far and many many many warm fuzzy messages have come my way and are still coming! The first one that came through my phone (the one I woke up to) kind of made my dan tien skip (isthatevenpossiblewhat) and my sister cheered because she likes him for me but there was one in my Facebook too that kind of made me MELT (still melting) though No One likes him For Me except maybe one friend but I believe I can manage because I have non-action plans about That Whole Thing so okay let us move on my thoughts about close contacts make my face burn omg shitsurei shimasu. 

*recovers with less red face*

Quite appropriately today is my Rest Day so I don't need to work or even follow a To Do list so I can let my hair down (omg I still have not cut my hair and I now get to SIT on it) and just do whatever in my favorite house clothes. Perhaps later I shall draw me. Okay I'll do that and everyone can love it unknowingly loving ME nyahahahahahaa~ 

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