Friday, March 8, 2013

Birthday Girl

This was basically how I looked like yesterday.

Yes, sleeping clothes most of the day, with my hair down. And I got many messages through my phone, my Facebook, and through email. Then there was one text message I read upon opening my eyes that kind of made my heart skip but only for a short while. By the time I got out of bed I was unaffected again XD It was just probably because it was the first text message I got that morning and I was not quite expecting it and it made me smile wider than I would think. So anyway, moving on, there were the Facebook messages oh I think I've talked about this yesterday. But anyway basically that is why there was a tiny heart coming from the phone illustration, though it is on the dark part of the page. No biggie, really, it was just very fleeting. And then there was a  bee outside my window, trying to get it, and it reminded me of another bee, and I know that shouldn't be the case, so to my surprise I just effortlessly decided to safely tuck away from it. I know I have tried about 30 million times, but the difference this time is that it just felt effortless. 

And then there is a video cam, for the idea of shooting certain films with some friends, and some of them would make me golden, see. And then of course, there is a BISON. Sadly though, I did not get any bisons yesterday. But of course I am happy about everything else :3 In between meals I had way too much chocolate. 

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