Sunday, March 3, 2013


Being antsy last Thursday and all, it gave birth to the thought that:

If You Knew What Went On In This Head, You'd Probably Think I'm ア Gold Bar

And yes, it is the third of the series

Yesterday I think I did quite well, but not because I did well, but because I was just effortlessly inattentive and was focused on having a great time with the girls later in the evening, and was thinking of the bigger world, thinking big. I remembered that while I am pouring out almost everything in my illustrations and my writings, there is no need to act needy and to be actually needy and attached. Besides all my things were in order and I think that helps me, helps me to become more Proper about things. I still ADORE his hair though, reminding me of Lucifer from Supernatural, and for a while I got distracted but I am glad it was only for a short while. Most of the time I was just doing my best on what I came for and was thinking of the bigger world out there and was looking forward to being with the girls. I got home feeling very light and very happy, not Emotionally Drained and Full of Questions. And I guess it also helped that I was preoccupied about giving my friends what I promised to bring for some of them. I think having started to move forward since Wednesday was also quite significant. 

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