Monday, March 4, 2013


Haha XD Okay so I drew this last night, but decided that I shall not finish the series I've been mentioning. This isn't actually the last of it but it will be the last of it because I just felt that it was time to... stop it. 

Something about this illustration of mine made me decide to stop with the series of illustrations I had in mind. It must be her face, her eyebrows, her smile, his shirt, I am not sure, but it's definitely not her hair clip.

There is only supposed to be just one more illustration left to complete the series but I decided, no, I just won't finish it, and each of the first four ones including the one above will just be [treated individually / counted separately]. I am really just being OC about all of it now, thinking aloud, so please do not throw hair clips at me. 

I also decided to scrap out some other sketches I had in mind. I think it is time to make new ones and currently I await. 

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