Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Truly Great

I've been in some kind of slump recently, along with long phases of mild anxiety attacks, which prevented me from doing any writing job, getting around to chores, and drawing anything. I started something for a friend (the other adult walrus) the other day but it seemed to take forever, since I could not sit still and was oftentimes agitated, sometimes with a dull headache. 

A Derwent pencil extender - one of the birthday presents I got ^_^ It comes with a bigger sized one. 

Anyway last night I did some extreme cleaning and de-cluttering instead of going to kendo (more of this in another post), and I think it helped significantly as I let go of stagnant energies sitting with the old, unused things that I threw or gave away. I was finally able to sleep well last night, as opposed to the few nights before that when I'd wake up in the wee hours from a nightmare, and even my daytime naps had napmares. Then today I got around to continuing what I started. 

Preparing the colors I was going to use

Because I was feeling much lighter, I was able to work on it straight and felt more relaxed (^^,) I think it was also great to hear from another friend of mine who just flew back in last night (he was calling actually but I was already happily, peacefully asleep XD so he just called in the morning), and he talked about how much fun he had in his trip, and he wanted to know How I Have Been Doing (which I greatly appreciate from a friend by the way), and I told him about my general current state (from the anxiety to the clutter clearing to the process of coming to terms with some sad realities to getting back on track in moving forward). Then, I spent the rest of the morning finishing the illustration for the other adult walrus' secret wish/fantasy/random-thought-which-turned-into-a-full-blown-detailed-scenario. 

Stephen's Truly Great Breakfast

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