Monday, March 11, 2013

More Birthday-Things

So my birthday weekend was much more sociable than the actual day XD I was with PEOPLE and I was OUTSIDE. :D My weekend began with someone bringing me MOCHI at home. 

Mochi for Chokomochi :3

And then there was kendo which I totally enjoyed, after which my sister and I took out a friend of ours to dinner because it was also his birthday last week. His birthday was before mine. We treated him because we want to make it our regular practice to treat a friend who is celebrating his or her birthday, as opposed to the habits of most people to oblige the birthday celebrator to treat everyone out, unless of course the celebrator insists on treating everyone out. So anyway our friend Dave felt more Japanese than Italian (we gave him Japanese and Italian options), so we went to a nearby ramen place since he also had to be home early. Another friend (Stephen) decided to tag along with us.

My Pork Shoyu Ramen

After very pleasant conversations over noodles, Dave still wanted to treat us out to coffee, so we transferred to a nearby coffee place we also frequent. My sister and I had our picture taken with the birthday boy, and Stephen and I decided to be very mature, respectable adults.

Photo with the Birthday Boy

Walrus Pals. We are very grownup.

Actually, we've been trying to have our walrus photos taken during dinner using chopsticks, but I couldn't keep my chopsticks secure because of my laughing bouts. (I practically snorted whenever I'd catch a puzzled look on the face of a customer from another table.) At the coffee shop, we conveniently had an entire section to ourselves so I was able to turn into a full-blown walrus and feel there was nothing funny about it, just walrus. 

And then, my weekend ended with another sweet present brought to the house.

Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Hearts ^_^

I did not have any pre-birthday blues this year as I would usually have before, but I did have some post-birthday blues yesterday, unpleasantly mixed with great anxiety and occasional headaches. I was not even sure what I was anxious about, but I'd feel ill after eating anything. I suspect an annoying conversation the previous night also had its role, as well as the uneasy part of shifting towards a bleak sobriety mixed with mild feelings of loss, and a general feeling of desolation fed by everything else. So I went to sleep really really early, though I woke up at 1 AM, feeling anxious and achey. I managed to sleep eventually, and was able to get out of bed at 6 for a run. 

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