Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Noodles and Doodles

After Monday kendo, most of us who practised went over to Moshi Koshi to have dinner together. 

During some waiting time I'd sketch The Suicidal Mechanical Pencil Lead, which was born from one of my recent Sunday tutorial sessions, when my student said it was not very good, and suddenly it just fell (or jumped) from the table. I colored it yesterday and now here it is:

The Suicidal Mechanical Pencil Lead

Some of the people who came looked at my sketchbook and one of the sensei amused us by drawing some images on a tissue paper. This was one of them and I think it is cute :D


I also asked Aya to draw something :3

Working on some magic with a (pencil) wand

And she drew me and Lorenz and Sean and ramen among other doodles and I think it is all adorable.

Aya's Rad Doodles. I particularly adore her drawing of Lorenz although he is upside down and you will kind of need to look silly in front of your computer. Or perhaps just turn your phone upside down.

Apparently, Lorenz also draws and when he has finally used That Hair Tie (from yours truly) to pull back his hair, he showed us some things he can draw :3

It's really a photo of the hair tie because you see, the people only ended up becoming shapes. 

And as he drew for us he told us many interesting stories and we totally enjoyed them (though some were scary T.T)

Mostly war-things, taught to him by his grandma ^^,

I think it was perfect where I sat because I got to have nice conversations with people who turned out to be great to talk to and I didn't need to nor feel like I had to sit through anything. Of course the Shio Butter Corn ramen was also SUPERB, so I MADE some people order it :D and my friends did :3 

I had a really wonderful time. ◕‿◕

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