Saturday, March 30, 2013

Quiet Days

The past couple of days were really lovely, quiet ones, and I was able to spend a lot of quality time by myself, in the peaceful silence of (Holy) Thursday and (Good) Friday despite being in the city, although perhaps that is precisely why it is quiet, because everyone is away. While everyone is glad to be away, I am glad that I am away from everyone. *unsociable and taciturn*

Anyway apart from making illustrations of some interesting things, I also made another experimental stamp for my sister. I did the first one for myself, using it for the first time on an illustration of a fun Saturday night. My sister simply wanted an M, so I carved it out from one of my many (scented) erasers.

My stamps look shaky and uneven and as though I carved them right after drinking truckloads of coffee or ODed on something, but I kind of like something about their "rough edges." 

In other news, yesterday before watching some Supernatural (and adoring Sammy), I finished drawing this really cute girl.

There is just something a bit different about her, but oftentimes it's the "different" girl who has so many interesting things to share and so much love to give, on top of her honest opinions and candor. 

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