Friday, March 8, 2013


Something I sketched as I sat through a tiresome conversation that never changes, evolves, nor solves anything, and only magnifies issues and keeps them fresh. (No this wasn't during my birthday, luckily :D)

Like, I've sat through many versions and occasions of it, but it just all goes around in circles. I hope it's going to be the last (at least for me) because really, there are other greater things to talk about. 

Which brings me to choosing and having the right companions. Finding one's tribe. I think it's about time. It should not matter if it's just one or two people you're with, as long as the quality of time you spend with them is worth your while, as opposed to being in a big party of people with nothing much substantial to talk about and you walk away feeling drained and having learned nothing. Well, perhaps you learn to avoid such occasions again :) In any case, it is quite tough, but I think it is important to keep trying. Eventually you weed out some and keep those who recognize the same thing as you. 

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