Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Mini-Gallery Tour

Since that sunny afternoon of illustrating "35,000 Years and THEN You Want to Talk," I had been too busy to post and write about all the illustrations that came after that but now that I have surfaced barely breathing from a sea of transcription work, smiling with eyes closed on the shore which I realize is way too hot, I bring them to you as a long-due blog update *melting in this sweltering heat though I kind of like it in my own fashion and listening to Soley and fully aware that this is all just one sentence*

This was April's first, appropriately finished on April 1st. I quite like it though it momentarily became an April Fool Tool for appeasing what barely resembles some kind of guilt. Anyway enough of that. This shall be the last time. 

This is all about Not Budging. The world may await but oh god no she has become far too exhausted. Not good enough, next. 

I drew this decent, smart, nice guy who likes to read and has, at some point in his lifetime, made a clear statement against bullies, using a.... Fork.

Something I drew as we waited for the plane in Davao airport. 

Butter. Because I love butter. In fact lately my breakfast has often been toast, butter, and jam. ("More jam, mom. Oh yes. Spread that shit all over.")

Some River Things that came to me (not AT me, thankfully) as I looked at part of the Danube River.

The original title of this was Korean Champion with A Really Lovely Gift but in the end I dropped the Korean (at least in this context I get to drop the Korean though in reality it's often the Korean who drops me if he even picks me up at all in the first place) and changed "with" to "Bearing" and it has nothing to do with Rilakkuma. In any case I like the thought of Lovely Gifts, so, feel free. 

This is "The Only Window." Nothing creepy here and suffocating, it's just that it's the ONLY window. Keep Calm and Carry On. Even if it is the ONLY window. 

And this is the end of this mini-tour that hopefully did not have a Briarcliff feel to it. Hugs to all of you. 

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