Sunday, April 7, 2013

After Ages...

I know, I know. XD

But before anything else I would like to share a bit of happiness from some omiyage from a friend who brought these to the house after he came back from an out-of-town trip (^_^)

Coconut Macaroons :3

Royal Darjeeling Tea (This wasn't from out of town, though, but he threw it in to match the macaroons :D I think that was very thoughtful :3)

And as you can imagine, this is one late post. I have a valid excuse though. I was in Cagayan de Oro most of last week for work with my sister. Then, we were supposed to fly home Thursday night, but due to some airport light problems, our flight was moved to Friday afternoon, which was further moved to Friday evening. In any case I enjoyed being in Cagayan de Oro and I would say that I love that place. I did not get to explore much since I spent a huge chunk of time working inside the hotel room, but for every occasion I was out, I had a nice time. The people were warm and friendly and everything was so much more toned down and peaceful and calm. In terms of the "modern" feel, it was not too far from being in Manila. But what made a HUGE difference was the overall demeanor of the locals. They were kinder, more attentive, more aware and in touch with the people around them, more polite, and they did not fuss so much about everything. Most of them were very open and they respond well when talked to, and some were very eager to help, or to make conversation and ask about Manila. On our way to the airport, my sister and I were talking about returning in the future, not to work but for even a short vacation :) 

And so that explains why it has been kind of quiet around here. Next week I will be away again, but I will be back in the weekend. For now, while I am here, I will also be spending a huge chunk of time each day working over at my sister's place so it still means I won't be sticking around so much here or in Facebook. It is all kind of refreshing though, and right now I am looking forward to next week's trip and to finishing all the work so I can get back to drawing and painting and reading. I took very few pictures from Cagayan de Oro, but they were a few everyday ones that I found especially fascinating though in my own odd way :) 

I shall head out now to work :) Have a great Sunday, everyone!

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