Sunday, April 21, 2013

Looking Out the Window

When I was in Davao, working most of the time inside the hotel room, I would occasionally get up from my seat and walk to the window to just gaze outside. 

It was raining on the first day. In fact I think we came with the rain. As we got off the plane it started becoming quite cloudy, and by the time we were getting in the cab that would bring us to the inn, it had begun to rain. The next day it was quite sunny, though there were still some rainclouds hovering over the city. 

I liked the look of this townhouse which was just right across our inn. The higher floor / third floor looked lovelier than the ones below it so I did not include the latter. Besides, there were people standing by the ground floor and I don't think they would want their photos taken. I also wanted to take a photo of how the sky looked so I think the top floor would do as part of it.

This was the college closest to us. Some men were repainting the exterior and I'm sure the building would look quite handsome after the job is finished. It is a nice shade of turquoise. 

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