Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I know it's kind of bipolar to write the previous post on mental competitions and THEN share a digital collage about Love now, but in any case the previous post was simply explaining where the posted illustration took root so there. This time, I am sharing a kind of experimental digital collage I created almost a couple of months ago and its theme is Love. I just completed it a while ago, finding the quote that allowed me to fill out the last empty paper scrap, a quote by Elizabeth Kantor. So now it's all done. 

LOVE. Made using an old planner and picmonkey.

When I started this I was unreasonably in "love," wounded and forever uncertain and yet still stubbornly pining, and now it has died, EXACTLY the way Anais Nin described it, and all that was left was the weariness, until there was nothing left to do but fall into a deep sleep, waking up later on fully rested with a clearer mind and better vision, and finally, after all those many cumbersome months, I have Snapped Back into wakefulness, have recovered fast (like Araragi-kun, the original one, who has a sense of commitment to a tsundere) and  have de-dusted myself from a mess I got myself into. So, sorry self *apologizes profusely* No more meandering junk food. (Not that I am excusing myself, but when this recent failure started to take shape, I had not read Elizabeth Kantor's book yet so I did and said all sorts of wrong things. This time, I have learned from it and no pages are flying out the window. I did mention I have become weary.) 

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