Saturday, April 13, 2013

There and Back Again

Back again, for the second time XD This week I went to Davao, another first. And so I wait until my next travel opportunity :3

Davao was a different kind of fun from Cagayan de Oro, although both involved the same work for me. I'd say I had more fun in Cagayan de Oro, though it was probably because it was the first week of work and by the second week, we were already quite tired. I guess our hotel in CDO was also much better and brighter than the one we stayed in at Davao. Food from both places were good though, and most mealtimes were our highlights. My walks were more pleasant in CDO though, and of course in CDO there is Missy Bon Bon.

Gelato: Love Potion # 9 (It is pretty much like Red Velvet cake in ice cream form)

It is not that CDO is better than Davao, they are just quite different. I am not sure if I would have a different opinion if we went to Davao first then CDO after. In any case, I am back, and there is a lot of work to be done, but I am looking forward to finishing them so I can move on to other things :3 During our travels I have also done a lot of (mindful) thinking, and was able to see some signs more clearly, hence I am feeling like I am currently being guided by many signposts along the way, as I move forward. 


  1. Oh my goodness! You were here in CDO and you didn't text me!!! :( We could have met up and had coffee or something stronger. Hehehehe...I mishu, Peachie!!!!

  2. Oh I don't have your number, please send me a PM in Facebook. That would have been nice, though it was all work in CDO and Davao so I might not have had enough to slip out anyway. When I go back there for vacation, or even for work, as long as there is time, I shall let you know :) I really like CDO and it is a place I would love to go back to and visit again :)

  3. When you visit CDO next time for vacation, you can add Camiguin and Bukidnon in your agenda too.. :-)

  4. Hi Frugal Expat, thanks for the suggestion! I shall definitely consider those places too :) I hope I can go back to CDO for vacation instead of work, so that I can spend more time exploring different places :)


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