Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Clean Corner

Today being my scheduled Rest Day for the week, I decided to clean up my computer corner. I had to really pull out the table and disconnect everything and totally wipe clean every single thing including every single power cord and cable and tiny gadgets and things attached to the computer. I also wiped clean the walls of that corner and swept the floor N times. I even changed the images on my inspiration cork board and neatly lined up the external hard drives and the AVR and everything else on the lower section of the table. I was so tired and dusty after all that but I felt so much lighter and it never fails to ease my mind whenever I do some major cleaning. (Yes it was just a small corner but it was a major cleaning because really, everything was dusty and all the cords and cables were tangled up.)

So anyway after cleaning up, my desk was much more recognizable and everything on it are just the things I actually use all the time. Everything else went to the closet or the bedside table. 

A clean corner

The headphones and its case are just there because of a transcription job I am currently at, but usually I keep them in the closet. The DS really belongs to my bedside table but I had to check a walkthrough so it was there temporarily. Otherwise, the available surface is really much bigger. In any case, I rarely use that surface to write things by hand; I either do my hand-writing on the keyboard surface, on the bed, or in the backyard. When I paint, I just use the surface to line up the colors and brushes (which reminds me, I have not been posting my recent illustrations because I've been busy, or I did not really write about them, in which case I just uploaded them to my artwork page, which I have note yet done for all too... alright back to my clean desk).

A clean desk


  1. I'm envious of your desk; it looks lovely! Mine is just an incoherent mess of brushpens and sketchbooks, artbooks and comics and empty mugs of coffee, welp. :) Hopefully I'd have time to clear out stuff this week, and hopefully we could hang out soon when you have the time. ♥ Or like, when I have the time. Ahahaha~

  2. Oh my empty mugs of coffee are on a separate table so they're actually "hidden mess" hahahaha! Thank you for finding my desk lovely ❤ I think Marichit's desk is lovelier though with all her ink bottles and doilies and More of them cute things :D Good luck and I hope you get to clear out stuff soon, and just let us know when you have the time to hang out and EAT XD


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